Bacharach Releases MGS-400 Gas Detection Series

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Bacharach announces the North American release of the all-new MGS-400 Gas Detection Series. The MGS-400 is a complete leak detection solution and has been designed specifically for safety compliance (ASHRAE 15, EN-378, CAN B52-13) in refrigeration applications (machinery rooms, chillers, cold storage, walk-in freezers).

The Complete Leak Detection Solution for Refrigeration Applications

Modern refrigeration systems are designed to be efficient and leak free, but improper installation, inadvertent damage or mechanical wear can result in potentially hazardous leaks.

Refrigerant Safety Compliance has Never Been More Intuitive

MGS-400 Gas Detection SeriesMGS-400 gas detectors feature best-in-class cable entry and terminal options. This makes installation straightforward, saving time and money. Using MGS-400 App, users can intuitively use, commission and maintain gas detectors without the need for special training or tools (voltmeters and potentiometers).

With their rapid response time, low-temperature performance and integrated audio & visual alarms, MGS-400 Series gas detectors make compliance with safety regulations simple and intuitive.

  • Integrated AlarmsIntegrated audio / visual alarms alert personnel to the presence of a refrigerant leak.
  • Low Temperature PerformanceRefrigerant-specific sensors provide effective leak detection in temperatures down to -40° F/C and up to 122° F (50° C).
  • Temperature CompensationTemperature compensated gas measurement mitigates false alarms (e.g. during defrost cycle) and the cost of unnecessary engineer call-outs.
  • Intuitive InterfaceOnce a Bluetooth® connection has been established, the MGS-400 App eliminates the need for specialty tools and training during installation, configuration and maintenance.
  • BMS / BAS IntegrationModbus communication over RS-485 enables gas detectors to interface with MGS-408 Controller or third-party building management systems.
  • Flush-mounted SensorsSensors are , optimizing the instruments response to the presence of the target gas.
  • Best-in-class Wire ManagementMultiple cable entries eliminate the need for crowded wiring.
  • Separate TerminalsSeparate “in” and “out” terminals make daisy-chaining power and communications simple.
  • Pre-calibrated Sensor ModulesPlug-&-play replacement sensors are easy to exchange in the field and maintain gas type / calibration information.
  • Semi-automated CalibrationInitiated via MGS-400 App or magnetic switch, the gas detector auto-adjusts without need for specialty tools (app / LEDs indicate successful calibration).
  • On-board DiagnosticsFault codes, “Calibration Due” indicator and gas exposure (ppm hours) optimize technical support in the field.

Save Time & Money

“We used our engineering expertise and long history of experience in refrigerant leak detection throughout the development of the MGS-400 product series. Our customers were asking for ease of use and easy installation and maintenance as an improvement to their current refrigerant detection systems. By focusing on new solutions, such as a mobile app user interface, and plug-and-play sensor technology, what used to take 25 minutes per gas detector now takes less than 5 minutes and can be done without training,” said Tom Burniston, Product Manager, Refrigerant Leak Detection.

“By focusing on new solutions, such as a mobile app user interface, and plug-and-play sensor technology, what used to take 25 minutes per gas detector now takes less than 5 minutes and can be done without training.”Tom Burniston, Product Manager

“By making the controller double as the power supply and using a daisy-chained Modbus, the unit requires only one cable hook-up, saving time and simplifying installation. Through our robust product development and our expertise in refrigerant leak detection, we are surpassing industry standards with this product series,” he said.

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