PCA 400 Combustion & Emissions Analyzer and sample conditioner testing a light industrial boiler.

Bacharach Releases PCA 400 Combustion Analyzer

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Bacharach Advances Portable Combustion Analysis with PCA® 400

Bacharach is pleased to announce the release of the PCA® 400. The PCA® 400 is an industrial-grade, handheld combustion and emissions analyzer for on-demand and / or semi-continuous sampling of commercial / light industrial applications (furnaces, boilers, compressors, generators).

“The PCA® 400 is an industrial-grade product at a commercial price point.”Doug Keeports, CEO & President

“The PCA® 400 is an industrial-grade product at a commercial price point. It provides features and benefits not typically seen in this level of instrument by surpassing our competition in design, sensor life, run time and software,” said Doug Keeports, CEO and President of Bacharach, Inc. “With true NOx and data logging, the PCA® 400 and sample conditioner are important tools for technicians to improve system performance and productivity,” he said.

Engineered for Ease-of-Use

The PCA® 400 has been inspired by contractors, designed by Bacharach, and built a reputation which has its roots in 1909. The base instrument is supplied with a probe and hose assembly, calibrated / installed sensors, printer interface (IrDA and Bluetooth), protective carry case, USB cable, PC reporting software, AC adapter and a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack. The reporting kit includes an IrDA + Bluetooth printer and printer paper.

  • Resistive Touch DisplayNavigate the intuitive touch interface without the hassle of removing gloves.
  • Long-life O2 SensorO2 sensor comes with 5-year warranty.
  • Wireless PrintingGenerate on-site combustion reports via IrDA or Bluetooth with the optional reporting kit.
  • Industry-Leading Battery LifeStandard Li-ion battery pack offers users up to 12-hours of use. The analyzer may also be powered by 4×AA batteries or AC adapter.
  • Bluetooth CommunicationsRelay reports to a compatible devise for safe and convenient remote operation.
  • Keyed Probe ConnectionsSingle probe connector to make probe extension fast and secure.
  • On-board Data LoggingSave up to 500 measurements in the analyzer’s internal memory.
  • PCA Reporting SoftwareWindows application for continuous data collection and management.
  • B-Smart® Sensor CompatibleSupport for Bacharach’s pre-calibrated and field replaceable B-Smart sensors.
  • Active Sample ConditionerRemove water vapor from sample gases to ensure accurate measurement of NO2 and SO2.

The PCA® 400 helps technicians to commission, tune, maintain, and certify any boiler. With a range of sensors options, the PCA® 400 easily monitors emissions and allows for spot-checking and tuning a variety of engines, generators, boilers, and fleet vehicles in a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

North American Demo Program

In an effort to familiarize current PCA®3 users with the PCA® 400, Bacharach will be offering customers the opportunity to try the PCA® 400 for 2-weeks with an opportunity to purchase thereafter.

The demo program will allow customers the opportunity to put an analyzer in their employees’ hands. (Demo kit may vary between two- or four-gas configuration based on the customer’s request.) The PCA® 400 brochure and additional information about the demo program are available PCA® 400 landing page. Customers in North America may call 800-736-4666, x5007 to speak with one of our sales representatives during business hours.

Registration Form

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