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Furnace Tuning with the Fyrite® InTech®

A reliable combustion analyzer is a must-have tool for any residential HVAC technician who services boilers or furnaces. In this video tutorial, Doug Keeports, CEO and President of Bacharach, Inc., shows how easy it is for technicians of every skill level to use Bacharach’s Fyrite® InTech® combustion & emissions analyzer right out of the box!

Entry-level Combustion Analyzer

The Fyrite® InTech® offers HVAC technicians everything they need to guarantee the safe and efficient operation of residential boilers and furnaces. The InTech® measures O2, CO, stack temperature (T-STK) and air temperature (T-AIR) and calculates values like efficiency (EFF), CO2 and CO air-free to allow for complete combustion analysis.

  • Ergonomic DesignRecessed gas ports, integrated magnets and optional rubber boot make this handheld analyzer both durable and user-friendly.
  • Field-replaceable SensorsPlug-and-play B-Smart® pre-calibrated CO sensor allows for quick replacement without the need for calibration gases or sending the analyzer back to the factory.
  • Fuel ConfigurationsSix fuel calculations for most residential applications, including: natural gas, oil #2 and propane.
  • Bacharach Reporting AppQuickly communicate test results to your compatible smart device, where they can be customized and emailed to clients.
  • Wireless PrintingPrint custom before-and-after combustion reports to demonstrate improved efficiency.

Should You Own a Combustion Analyzer?

In a recent article, HVAC industry veteran, Ray Wolfarth calls the combustion analyzer “one of the most cost-effective sales / service tools I have.” He continues to write, “If you service boilers, a combustion analyzer is almost a must-have tool. Some techs tell me they can eyeball the flame and adjust the air-to-fuel ratio. Even after four decades in the trade, I have never been able to do that. What looks like a good flame could be spewing thousands of parts per million of dangerous carbon monoxide out the flue.”

Not only does a combustion analyzer ensure the safe and efficient operation of critical appliances, he argues that it’s a key point of differentiation which can help contractors set themselves apart from their competition and grow their business. So, instead of asking if you should own a combustion analyzer; perhaps, you should be asking if you can afford not to own one.

Learn More About the InTech®

The Fyrite® InTech® offers everything an HVAC technician needs for complete combustion analysis in one, easy-to-use tool. To learn more about this analyzer on our website or by calling 800-736-4666 to speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives during normal business hours.

Learn More About the Fyrite InTech Combustion Analyzer

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