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Refrigerant Management and Compliance for Contractors Made Easy

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Refrigeration contractors and service providers are often left carrying the can when it comes to refrigerant emissions. There are growing demands on contractors and mechanical service companies to carry the burden of reducing leak rates, increasing refrigerant costs and changing legislative compliance. It’s therefore more important than ever to ensure refrigerant management processes and operations are optimized and efficient for your organization, keeping you afloat in difficult times. There’s now an easy to use system that has been specially developed to help you improve the way you work and reduce operating costs. What’s more, you can also use the system to support your own customers by providing a full refrigerant management offering – especially for smaller organizations with limited resources.

EPA 608 Compliance Webinar

Are you struggling with the recent changes to EPA 608? Learn how you can maintain compliance with Parasense.

Contractors are increasingly being tasked to include the increasing cost of refrigerant itself as part of their contracts. Understandably, this means equipment owners are able to focus on their main objectives whether in food retail, food processing and data centers leaving you -the refrigeration experts- to focus on maintaining quality ensuring maximum equipment uptime and identifying leaks as soon as possible.

Responding swiftly to a small leak prevents it from developing into a much greater leak, dramatically reducing the amount of refrigerant that needs to be replaced. This is where your choice of the right leak detection and reporting tools and systems play a vital part in supporting your team. Effective leak detection that can measure refrigerant down to 1 ppm will help you catch leaks before they become big problems. Of course, reliable automatic notification of a leak event and live monitoring feeds wherever you are, will allow you to prioritize your call-outs and workload.

Accurate Leak Detection & Notification

With the industry leading Multi-Zone refrigerant monitor and its ability to integrate with the Parasense refrigerant / energy tracking platform, this level of control and visibility is now a reality. What’s more, the Parasense platform provides legislative compliance whether that’s EPA 608 or regional requirements such as CARB or SCAQMD.

The latest Parasense release blends a user toolset complete with compliance calendar, automated leak rate calculator, intuitive analysis, guided data entry, and compliance reporting features. This upgrade provides detailed and robust record keeping, ensuring continuity of legislation compliance for equipment owners, while streamlining data entry for contractors to make this as simple as swift as possible.

In addition, a clean and crisp layout has been developed for users to easily navigate their refrigerant management in one place. The Parasense platform replaces the paradigm of multiple spreadsheets or excessive data collection, to help equipment owners and contractors collaborate towards lowering refrigerant emissions and ensuring regulation compliance. The Parasense platform ensures secure access anytime, anywhere by any registered users.

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To see how the Parasense platform can help your own refrigerant management and compliance or to see how you this can be used to support your own customers, visit the Bacharach website now.

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