2020 AHR Expo: Booth Preview #3243

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Refrigerant Detection for ASHRAE 15 Safety Compliance, Refrigerant Analysis/Identification and Combustion & Emissions Analysis Products

During AHR2020 in Orlando, FL Bacharach will exhibit solutions for ASHRAE 15 refrigerant safety compliance, combustion & emissions analysis, leak rate reduction, VRF leak detection for occupied spaces and refrigerant gas analysis and identification. Bacharach will be exhibiting these solutions in booth # 3243 with Neutronics for the first time since the acquisition in July of 2018.

ASHRAE 15 Safety Compliance

The MGS-400 series gas detectors are for refrigerant safety applications inside mechanical rooms, freezers, cold rooms and warehouses.  The entire portfolio of products, from the MGS-408 centralized controller and the MGS-550 dual gas detector, to the innovative infra-red sensing technologies of the Multi-Zone and MGS-250, there are complete solutions to comply with ASHRAE 15 and 378. With integrated strobes & horns, and fault & alarm relays, analog outputs and Modbus interface can be configured to interact with building automation systems. Ease of configuration and calibration is enhanced with the mobile app.

Features include:

  • Supports regulatory compliance with ASHRAE 15
  • Audible/Visual alarms with High/Low alarm levels
  • Flexible deployment for standalone detection or multi-detector systems
  • Engineered for refrigeration applications to -40°C
  • Intuitive configuration for fast installation and set-up with a mobile app
  • Audit trail and field calibration certificates through the mobile app

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Combustion & Emission Analysis

Advances in Bacharach’s combustion analyzers provide end-users with accuracy, low cost of ownership, ease of use & maintenance and increased safety. The launch of a new single combustion app supports mobile reporting for the entire Bacharach Combustion analyzer line and the new Monoxor XR (extended range) hand-held exhaust gas analyzer for measuring CO (carbon monoxide) in ambient air or directly from the exhaust pipe of forklifts, floor burnishers or other equipment burning propane, gasoline, diesel, or CNG (compressed natural gas). It verifies worker safety and achieves compliance with OSHA air quality regulations. It can also be used for engine tuning and diagnostics. The Monoxor XR provides visual and audible alarming for instant alerting of personnel to dangerous CO levels.

Leak Rate Reduction

The HGM-MZ refrigerant monitor supports at 1 PPM refrigerant leak detection, enabling grocery stores, food processors, and cold storage providers to detect extremely low refrigerant level leaks, thereby saving money on expensive refrigerant and improving energy efficiency of refrigeration systems.


Features include:

  • Automated Leak Detection
  • 1 PPM minimum detection level
  • Accurate detection of 60+ refrigerants
  • Up to 16 sample zones per monitor
  • Digital and analog communications

VRF Leak Detection for Occupied Spaces

The MVR-300 VRFrefrigerant detector and MVR-SC controller enables scalable, remote monitoring solutions to improve occupant safety and can isolate leaks by individual rooms.

Features include:

  • Centralized alarming for MVR-300 VRF leak detectors
  • Network set-up and MVR-300 Modbus ID assignment
  • System monitoring
  • Seamless integration with MVR-300
  • Integrated Audio/Visual Alarms, relays, and Modbus communication
  • Discreet low profile design with mounting in standard electrical boxes
  • Simple installation
  • BMS/BAS compatibility

A free New Product and Technology Presentation: Networked VRF Leak Detectors for Improved Occupant Safety will be given on Monday February 3 in Theater B 10:45-11:05 by Ken Easterday, Product Manager, Fixed Instruments. You will learn how the Bacharach VRF refrigerant monitoring system provides real-time status of refrigerant leaks throughout a facility, while learning the key functions of the refrigerant monitors and system components that enable simple and scalable deployment, centralized alarming, and reliable network communications.

Portable Refrigerant Leak Detection

The Bacharach PGM-IR and H-10 PRO use innovative sensing technology to find small refrigerant leaks quickly & effectively to save time and money.  The PGM-IR is a portable refrigerant monitor that can be used to sniff for leaks in a wide area.  It has a 1-PPM minimum detection level and can monitor for 60+ refrigerants.  The H-10 PRO is the highest performance universal leak detector for all CFC, HFC and HCFC refrigerants and is used at close range to pinpoint specific leaks.

Refrigerant Analysis and Identification

The Ultima ID Pro and the Mini ID R-22 refrigerant analyzers offer fast, accurate, affordable and versatile results when identifying more than a dozen HVAC/R refrigerants for pre-screening and testing prior to use, consolidation and reclamation. The Neutronics Ultima ID series of refrigerant analyzers offer exceptional accuracy using leading-edge infrared technology to provide the fastest refrigerant analysis in the field. The low-cost Mini ID R-22 is also available to accurately qualify good R-22 for HVAC maintenance and recovery requirements.

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