Bacharach Introduces the MVR-300 During Climatización y Refrigeración

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New Kensington, PA – Bacharach, an expert in the field of refrigerant gas detection and monitoring, will be exhibiting at stand 10G16 during the upcoming Climatización y Refrigeración show. Tom Burniston, Product Manager for Fixed Instruments, answers some questions about Bacharach’s latest product innovations.

What new instruments have you released this year?

The MVR-300, which is a refrigerant detector for use in occupied spaces. Typical applications include monitoring for potential leaks from air conditioning/HVAC systems in hotel rooms and apartments. The primary aim is to ensure the safety of occupants in addition to enhancing the effectiveness and energy efficiency of the HVAC system, minimizing potential environmental impact from leaking gases, and helping compliance with regulation.

What makes the product stand out compared with similar product from other manufacturers?

Its aesthetic design, ease of installation, configurability and simplicity of maintenance. The MVR-300 is installed in a standard 2-gang electrical back box so it sits flush to the wall. Its low-profile, neutral design blends into typical room décor, making the instrument unobtrusive. A range of communication options including Modbus and volt-free contacts allow for alarms to be centralized into a Building Management System (BMS) or other control system, as well as triggering automated actions to mitigate the risks of a refrigerant leak. The instrument is straightforward to configure and maintain, offering options for automated calibration and pre-calibrated, plug-and-play sensor replacement.

What trends have you noticed when it comes to these products?

There is an increasing requirement for aesthetically unobtrusive instrumentation, such that it is “invisible” to the occupants. The largest trend in this sector is a requirement to enable immediate identification of which specific room or area a refrigerant leak has occurred. The MVR-300’s addressable Modbus connections make this easily achievable with a discreet and effective instrument. It is notable that more large, national and multinational hotel groups are demanding the installation of refrigerant detection in order to minimize liability and above all to ensure the safety and comfort of their guests.

What is driving these trends?

Consumer demand is driving the discreet aesthetics in this application, whilst installation and maintenance engineers drive the requirement for an easily installed, simply maintained instrument that requires no training to handle. The centralization and clear identification of alarm points is being driven by legislation. Application of the MVR-300 enables compliance with European legislation EN378 which demands refrigerant detection be in place if potential leakage can exceed the Refrigeration Concentration Limit (RCL) / Practical Limit determined by the regulation.

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