Free Educational Webinar: The Importance of Minimal Detection Levels for Refrigerant Leak Reduction in Safety Compliance, hosted by Bacharach, Inc.

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New Kensington, PA – Bacharach, Inc. a leading provider of gas and refrigerant leak detection, combustion and emissions analysis instrumentation, energy management, and data analytics announces the release of a free educational webinar which explores the market drivers for refrigerant leak detection solutions and their commonly used sensor technologies.

Bacharach Inc. has released a free educational webinar that explores the differences between high and low minimal detection limits of refrigerants to enable commercial refrigerant users understand how safety and compliance issues can fit into corporate program market drivers such as driving down costs, increasing efficiency and protecting against produce loss and the

Bacharach has a variety of product options that can fit into any program using multiple sensor types to detect refrigerants to address the market drivers. Minimal Detection Levels (MDL) can be set low or high depending on sensor type. Sensors commonly used to pick up MDLs at higher levels are often used for safety and compliance but are not suitable for lowering leak rate reduction. Using Infra-Red (IR) sensors, MDL’s can be found at very low levels helping to drive down costs, increase efficiency, and protect against loss of produce or other inventories while reducing environmental impact.

Using IR sensors, Bacharach can test for very low refrigerant leak detection limits, with 1ppm as the lowest MDL achievable. Bacharach employs expert consultants, who are always available to design a refrigerant program to meet your company’s needs.

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Bacharach is a provider of cleantech solutions for gas and refrigerant leak detection and identification, refrigerant tracking, combustion and emissions analysis instrumentation, and high-purity oxygen gas analysis in commercial and industrial applications. Bacharach products make the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration (HVAC-R), and process industries safer, cleaner, and more efficient, enabling customers to increase productivity and reduce costs while protecting lives and the environment.

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