Bacharach Offers CO₂ Leak Detection with MGS-550

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Effective CO2 Leak Detection

New Kensington, PA – As the use of CO2 gas increases in popularity as a natural refrigerant due to its low environmental impact and increasing HFC (Hydrofluorocarbon) regulations, Bacharach is offering an effective CO2 leak detection monitor for industrial and retail refrigeration applications. This instrument is selective, taking into consideration both response times and operating temperatures in these applications.MGS-550 Dual Sensor Installation Shown in IP66 Housing

“Not all CO2 monitors are suitable for leak detection in refrigeration applications. The sensors used need to respond quickly to a rise in CO2 Levels. Since CO2 has a high operating pressure, gases can quickly escape into the refrigerated space at very high rates. Instrumentation designed to monitor for gradual changes in atmospheric CO2 may not alert personnel in a timely manner, creating a potentially dangerous condition, that quickly poses a threat to personnel,” said Mr. Tom Burniston, Product Manager of Fixed Instruments. “CO2 leaking on the shop floor is less a safety issue, but, when it comes to machinery rooms, cold rooms or other enclosed areas, there is a definite safety issue,” he said.

For example, if you have a walk-in cold room or freezer with a room volume of 1000 ft3 /28.3 m3, depending on the leak rate and air exchange rate within 5 minutes that space can surpass the Occupation Exposure Limit (OEL) recommendation of 5,000 ppm, a level to which workers should not be exposed, or it can surpass the ILDH (Immediate Danger to Life or Health) level of 40,000 ppm and would be immediately hazardous to personnel in the space.

Bacharach’s instrument is also appropriately specified for use in the operating temperatures required within refrigeration applications. The Bacharach sensor is rated for use at temperatures as low as -40°C / -40°F. Sensors that are not designed to perform in this environment may be inoperable or provide inaccurate CO2 readings. Bacharach refrigerant leak detection instruments are specifically designed for the application to effectively support the user requirements for which they were intended.

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