Neutronics Legend Series™ Refrigerant Analyzer Meets SAE Standards

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Neutronics, Inc., a world leader in refrigerant identification technology, supports technicians with accurate determinations of automotive refrigerant purity in storage cylinders and vehicle air conditioning systems with the Legend Series™ refrigerant analyzer, certified to SAEJ2912 to check for automotive refrigerant types, R-12, R-134a, and R-1234yf. This refrigerant analyzer ensures vehicle OEMs and shop owners meet requirements for safe refrigerant practices. By providing fast, easy and accurate determinations of refrigerant purity inside vehicle air conditioning systems or refrigerant cylinders, the Legend Series™ is a single tool for use in all automotive refrigerant analysis applications.

Refrigerant counterfeiting, cross-contamination and illegal retrofitting are serious concerns for vehicle OEMs and shop owners alike and the high cost of R-1234yf makes it a prime target for these illegal activities. With over 84 million R-1234yf vehicles on the road, the Legend Series™ helps protect shop owners, refrigerant supplies, A/C service equipment, and customer’s vehicles.

Enhanced capabilities and useful features of the Legend Series™ include:

  • Certified to SAEJ2912 – Ensures requirements for safe practices.
  • – One instrument for all stages of use for both current and legacy refrigerants.
  • Durable Rugged Design – Rubber Bumpers are perfect for operating in the harsh garage-type environments of the automotive technician.
  • Soft Keys and 5” LCD Color display – Able to view in low lighting and operate with gloved hands.
  • 10 Built-in Languages – allows almost any technician worldwide to easily analyze refrigerants in either their native language or a language they are more familiar with. Languages include: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.
  • Connects via USB – to SAE J2843 and SAE J3030 A/C Service Machines

About Neutronics

Neutronics, a Bacharach Company, focuses on gas measurement systems for safety, environmental, and general industrial applications. By providing efficient refrigerant gas analysis and identification, as well as control solutions equipment, Neutronics continues to maximize process efficiency, improve product quality, and protect the health and safety of personnel and the environment while preserving capital equipment and investments.


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